Tips and Suggestions (Leh Ladakh Tip) :

Ladakh is the most popular travel destination in India and globally popular as a “Snow Desert”. The place shares its border with Tibet and has a great influence of Tibetan culture. It is normally an infertile land and has a distinctive pressure. Due to its stiff atmosphere conditions and other characteristics, travellers need to take some essential precautions at the time of their Leh Ladakh trip. Here it goes :

1) Temperature : summer is the best time to travel where you can find a pleasant weather. In winter, the temperature goes down and freezes almost all the feasible water resources. At the time of July and August, the temperature rises up and reaches from20 to 35 degree Celsius.

2) Clothing : Mid June to august, Ladakh experience a good weather and therefore cool clothes can do better. In winter, you need heavy woollen clothes. However, there is a fluctuation in its weather, so travellers should carry sweaters, blankets and other warm clothes with them.

3) Languages spoken : The main language spoken in Ladakh is Boti, but you can also find diversity in it like – Brokshat, Balti, Shina and Changshat. English and Hindi are frequently spoken all around the place.

4) Permit and Passport : For travellers, permit and passport does not require but it require for foreign travellers. There are some restricted areas like - Nubra valley, Tsomoriri, Tsokar & Pangong Lakes and Dhahanu, where travellers require permits. It can be received from the District Magistrate of Leh.

5) Altitude sickness : It is generally seen that travellers fall sick after reaching at an altitude of 10,000 ft above sea level. Therefore, it is essential to take complete rest to get adjust. People with high BP (blood pressure) and heart illness should avoid themselves from making a tour to Ladakh.

6) Money and Currency :
Credit and debit cards are accepted in many hotels and tour operators. A number of Indian banks such as – SBI (State bank of India), PNB (Punjab National Bank), Axis Bank, Jammu and Kashmir Bank and other has placed their ATM machines to draw cash.

7) Communication : Well mostly all markets get closed before 10 PM, so it is better call your near and dear ones before it. There are a number of STD booths are available to make you connect with your family and relatives.

8) Intra-City Transport : Ladakh offers you a large fleet of tourist transport facilities to make your travel in Ladakh comfortable and easy. People of Ladakh is very friendly and helps travellers to find their way. Local drivers are well mannered and well educated.

Dos and Donts in Ladakh

- You must get permission before taking pictures of monuments. Note- Clicking pictures is not permitted in some of the historical areas in Ladakh.
- Carry a couple of water bottles and food items.
- Must carry your bag to shop in Ladakh as plastic bags are officialy banned here.
- Always careful regarding highly sensitive environment and take care about the privacy of wildlife at the time of trekking.

You cannot plan to travel Ladakh instantly as it requires a careful planning in terms of booking flights, hotels, details about the peak travel time and getting a suitable tour operator.