Shopping in Ladakh :

shopping in ladakh

Shopping in Ladakh is something that you will love to do in its markets which are filled with many items. Some popular items are Pashmina shawls, stoles and other wool garments. Locally made warm clothes likes – caps, socks, gloves and sweaters are popular among travellers in Ladakh.

Locally made handicrafts including Buddhist masks, prayer wheels and Thangka paintings can be bought in its market. Even silver and traditional jewellery shops make you know about the fondness of people regarding jewellery.

Apricots a kind fruit is found plentifully in Ladakh are another famous souvenir that you can take back after your tour to Ladakh. Hand-woven rugs, shawls and carpets are also attractive things to buy in Ladakh. The carpets have wonderful designs and along with decorating your floor, you can also purchase small wall carpets to hang on. Ladakhi carpets and rugs are objects of beauty, which you can purchase while shopping in Ladakh.

While shopping in Ladakh, must do bargaining to get the items on best price. Among many, here are the two best places to shop in Ladakh:
1) Tibetan Market in Old Leh Road is popular for clothes
2) Moti Market close to the Leh Bus stand is popular for its handloom varieties