Mountaineering in Ladakh :

Himalayan mountain ranges are spread in huge area of Ladakh and call mountaineers to bring out their dare. Mountain climbing in Ladakh has turned into a profitable business and its environment demand a climber to be a physically fit. Karakoram and Zangskar mountain ranges have surrounded the region, various trip options are offered for the mountaineers.

Trekking from side to side stok mountain range

The Stok range is the main in Ladakh and attracts a number of mountaineers to enjoy adventure. Seeing the panoramic view from the highest peak, the Stok Kangri is very satisfying. Climbing more than 6000 m of the Kangri will give you a breath-taking view of the Indus valley. Such scenic view will make you ease and a deep contentment feel inside.

Travel around the Kangyatse and Suru valley

Doing trekking through the good-looking and hard-hitting land of Ladakh will be a great experience. With a spirit to reach the top, mountaineers make their way to the more tricky Kangyatse peak. The trek in the direction of the Kangyatse goes by the popular Markha valley and it can be completed in 9 days to cover the journey. Similar to this, there are a number of other peaks, but the most popular mountain for climbing is Nun in the Suru valley. The peak is situated in the greater Himalayan series and is reachable via Kargil Padum road.

Best time to plan trekking

Trekking in Ladakh starts in between the months of May and October. Afterwards, the area experince a heavy snowfall so it is not suggested to go trekking that time.