LehLadakh people’s lifestyles :

Leh Ladakh is a marvelous place in the Indian terrain. Barren Leh holds an interesting Buddhist lifestyles. All the monasteries were built centuries ago and allures world tourists. Its unique rock carvings, big pillars and calmness in the monasteries still stole the hearts of travellers. Aside from the beautiful scenery, the culture and lifestyle of here is one of the main factors that draws travellers to here. ARV holidays offers you tour packages to Leh Ladakh that will help you to know about its culture and lifestyle.

More than a decade, the culture and lifestyle of Leh Ladakh has been pulling the attention of world tourists and even its wonderful climate make you to plan a holiday here. The strong root of Buddhism has made it a cultural diversity, while a little population has promoted harmony in this area.

people of ladakh
People of Leh Ladakh :

The residences in this beautiful place are originally influenced from Indo-Aryan ethnicity. People who travel from Tibet represent their own religious, traditions and culture. Mostly, the population lives in the central part of Ladakh and have different facial features. The real population of Ladakh is known as “Dards” but due to close proximity from the Tibet a number of inhabitants from Tibet settled here. The arghons a Kashmiri muslim community can also be seen. .

Culture in Leh Ladakh :

Its culture is not dissimilar from Tibetan culture due to closeness with Tibet. Even the foods are normally Tibetan origin such as Thukpa and Tsampo. These days, it is also influenced by the foods of other states of India. The architecture of here can also be noticed like Tibetan style and gives you an idea of existence of dragon. The religion of the state also follows Tibetan as well as Buddhist influences. The religion also follows Tibetan as well as Buddhist traditions and mostly the worships are done in Sanskrit or Tibetan .

Lifestyle of Leh Ladakh :

Along with culture, faith also influences the lifestyles of Leh Ladakh. Monastic rituals and carnivals keep people entertain round the year. The monasteries and gompas are places for religious celebrations. Festivals attract tourists from the world. The most interesting fact of here is the independence and highly elevated status of women relatively other states of India. Lifestyle in Ladakh is really an interesting thing to know and usually you will see the people of here maintain a cheerful smile on their face. .