Wildlife tour in Ladakh :


Without any doubt, Ladakh is a great wildlife destination and a home of a number of interesting animals along with bird species, enjoying in their natural habitat. You will find diversity in its flora and fauna. It also has some uncommon and endangered type of animals. With a distinctive ecosystem, Ladakh offers a chance to enjoy wildlife and do photography of some outstanding backdrop of the snowy peaks.

The region is fill with a number of wild animals, which contains some endangered species like Yaks, Hare, Ass, ibex, blue sheep, Bharal, antelope, marmot, snow leopard, etc. It is also a home to many different types of birds such as – Rock Bunting, Golden Eagle, Black necked crane, Lamagier, Himalayan snow cock and others.

leopard tour

In the north part of Himalaya, there is a Hemis National Park, which is considered as the second largest in the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve. Hemis offers shelter to many preserved and rare species. The main attraction of the park that attracts thousands of wildlife enthusiastic from all around the world is snow leopards.

The park is located at the bank of Indus River and extended to 1,700 sq meters, which makes the park a biggest national park of South Asia. The park also features Tibetan Gumphas and Holy Chortens inside its boundary. Hemis monastery a 400 year old is also one of the big highlights of the park. Hence, this national park is a significant aspect of the Ladakh tourism.