Weather to know in Leh Ladakh :

Just remember the beautiful locations of film 3 Idiots where refreshing environment combine with snow cladded mountains, deep blue lakes, interesting culture, amazing tradition and superb landscapes. Ladakh is now more accessible to tourists and offer them a memorable time to enjoy. The climate of here is little different and experience a little harsh in summer, freezing situation in winter. So, when is the perfect time to plan a tour to Ladakh? Here is our report based on our observation that will help you to make your perfect time.

January, February and December :

Consider these seasons one of the coolest times of the year and the people hardly get a chance to feel warm. The night is more chilled compare to the day and is measured around -20°C in December. January experiences the maximum snowfall and it is common to see thick levels of ice over rivers and lakes. Ways to reach Ladakh are closed and it becomes inaccessible at this time. Cold diseases are common and you can also feel cracks on your skins. February brings a little relieffor locals from the cold and opens their shops for income.

March and April :

Comparatively good than above season (January, February and December), but you can still feel too cold to continue adaily life. The March is cooler than April and the temperature can be experienced between 6°C in the daytime and -5°C in the nighttime. April looks little better and the temperatures raises this time. Infrequent snowfall can disappoint your mood.

May, June, July and August :

Perfect time for Ladakh when it receives the maximum tourists annually! Most ways are opened in the last week of April and travellers start coming in the first week of May.The weather brings happiness with it and you can enjoy your sojourn to Ladakh. The temperature still carries the cold and you should avoid sittingin dark for too long. June is when the sun comes out and temperatures looks pretty better to bear, but don’t imagine to spend night without a blanket. This is the best time to visit the Ladakh and also most of thefestivals and local eventsare celebrated. The days are welcomed with clear sky, occasionally a little too severe. Straight contact to sun-rays for long can make sunburnt on your skin. July is perhaps the heartfelt season of the year and it experiences a pleasant weather. Again August start to feel cold and the additional covers have to be dragged out. So, if you are travelling in August, ascertain you are carrying plenty of extra warm clothes.

September, October and November :

These months are beginning of the cold. Although, the weather of September is quite similar to May and all Ladakh is bathed by scenic sunshine! The nights are again cold and you would require a blanket to sleep. But in October and November, Ladakh back to experience its low side as temperatures start dropping. All regionalways are closed for certain months.

Perfect Months to plan a tour in Ladakh

We suggest our travellers to visit Ladakh in May - August.A trip to this paradise will be a wonderful experience and give you refreshing moments to remember throughout your life.